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Recycling for tomorrow...

We have been recycling glass, paper, cardboard and selective plastics for many years now. Used printer cartridges also can have a new life with the introduction of Planet Ark’s Recycling Programme.

At present there is limited recycling of old and disused technology. There are a few private organisations offering to take equipment for recycling, but it costs. On average a computer will cost you between $10 and $20 to recycle, so most items will end up in the bin, ending up in land fill. Southern River Computing has been collecting dead and disused technology from its customers for some time now, forwarding it on for recycling. The main items reclaimed from an old computer are steel, aluminium, copper, plastics and a small amount of gold.

All cardboard and paper products used as packaging in new equipment is currently collected and delivered to Amcor for recycling at there Canningvale plant.

At times the local councils provide a eWaste service, enabling residents to discard there old technology in a safe and responsible way. This is not a regular service and last year was sponsored but a corporate computer manufacturer. This year there are no plans to offer this service.

Is it time, particularly with the pending introduction of the Carbon Tax, for the government to introduce a regular eWaste Collection Service for residents, and offer some incentive for companies to send there old and disused technology to approved recycling centres. I’m sure there are plenty of organisations prepared to collect this equipment for no fee, as way to ensure it’s delivered to the appropriate recycling centres.

If you’re concerned with this ongoing waste then please email or call me.

Steve Baker - 15 July 2011

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